Proof That Celebs Are Just As Obsessed With Counting Steps As We Are

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Even celebs will do crazy things to reach their step goals…

No one knows how effortless it is to set fitness goals with a Fossil Hybrid Smartwatch more than Kristen Bell. Those steps ain’t going to count themselves.

Now you can count your steps even though you’re out on the town in your LBD. As an elegant hybrid solution marries the styling of top-of-the-line timepiece with the powerful building blocks of a future-proof smartwatch. Fashion meets technology —  a whole range of other neat tricks to suit your lifestyle.

Kristen Bell, mom, actress and multi-tasker talks about her first Fossil moment and how she uses the Q Hybrid Smartwatch to connect to her #1. She recalls how her first fossil watch helped her channel her inner teenage detective, cue the Veronica Mars soundtrack…

You get to have your own personal assistant who doesn’t need to take time off. The sub-eye shows your activity progress, lets you know of an incoming notification and indicates whether you are in alarm, date or alert mode. You can use the app to customise the notification you receive and how you receive them.

You could set your watch to let you know if it’s an incoming message from your boo by assigning a number to their name, just like Kristen did.

When it comes to tracking your fitness feats, you can automatically track your physical activity throughout the day and set your goals easily. Once your goal is reached, the hybrid smartwatch will clap in celebration of your achievement. How cool is that? Your own cheerleader…

It might be as simple as setting yourself a goal to make sure you get those 8 glasses of water down or a bit more advanced like Bell and her 10 000 steps!

There ain’t no shame in wanting to capture your glow up. Don’t have anyone to take your photo? Hello! You can use your watch as your remote to snap a photo from your phone. Did we say Hybrid? It’s way more than that. Selfie time!

No need for a manual- it’ super easy to setup and wirelessly syncs data from your device to your smartphone.

The best news? Watch Republic is now offering Hybrids as part of their stylish range. Check out the Fossil Q Hybrid Smartwatch.

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Still want to count your steps even though you’re out on the town in your LBD? This fitness tracker won’t ruin your outfit and is still totally legit.

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