Cycling Shorts Are The New Summer ‘Shorts’ — And We’re Obsessed

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Robin-Jade Carolus |

*Get’s invited somewhere.* “But can I wear my workout clothes?” You’re that girl, us at WH are all that girl. And one of this season’s hottest trends makes being that girl 100 percent shameless. It’s comfortable, it’s sexy and it’s fit for royalty.

Made Iconic in the Nineties by Princess Diana, cycling shorts have been worn by everyone from Kim Kardashian to some of our favourite fitsters.


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This season’s must-wear trend is versatile and an edgy alternative to shorts for those of us who aren’t big on skirts. Pair them with slides or sneakers for all-day comfort, or dress them up with a pair of heels when night-time rolls around.

Here’s where you can find this season’s staple…

Cycle shorts, R99, Project at .

Cycling shorts, R229, Misguided at

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Cycle shorts, R129, Utopia at

Knee-length legging, R100, Maxed at Mr Price Sport.

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