5 Delicious Lamb Recipes Even Newbie Cooks Can Pull Off This Valentine’s Day

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You can cook like your grandmother used to – and it doesn’t have to involve hours slogging away in the kitchen to get the same result. ’s new series “Red Nails, Messy Kitchen” shows you how to make easy, delicious and nutritious lamb dishes, ideal for serving up this Valentine’s Day.

As with many things in life, the secret to success with easy lamb dishes is this: “Fake it till you make it.” And to make life even easier for you, these recipes have been developed so that you can make the perfect “Fake it till you make it” pulled lamb shoulder and then turn that into four more tasty meals.

1. “Fake it till you make it” – Pulled Lamb Shoulder

Also known as “The Cold Shoulder” because you can portion, refrigerate or freeze the pulled meat from the lamb shoulder and use it for all the other recipes.


2. Lamb Fritters with Zucchini

These nutrient-packed lamb fritters with zucchini are guilt-free and bikini-friendly…


3. Mint Pesto and Pulled Lamb Pie

Fresh, indulgent and easy as (lamb) pie!


4. Skinny Spring Rolls

Low-carb, packed with flavour and super-easy, but impressive, because that’s how we roll!


5. Pulled Lamb and Summer Salsa Salad Bowls

These bowls of goodness just taste like summer…


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