Is Edge Sorting A Viable Casino Strategy For You?

Until the early 2010s, edge sort was a little-known technique for playing with advantage. Then Phil Ivey showed up and threw open the doors of this strategy!

Ivy won over $ 21 million by sorting the edges. Of course, he also managed to win thanks to his huge bankroll and special privileges thanks to his status as a major player.

Can you still successfully use sort edges even if you are not a very wealthy player? I’ll go into more detail on this, dwelling on edge sorting in more detail, and also if this is possible for the average player.


Edge sorting is the process of determining the face value of hole cards by their backs. The idea is to spot flaws in card back designs and exploit them.

You might think these flaws are completely wrong. After all, card makers have streamlined processes that allow countless decks to be produced every day.

Most of the characteristics of the back of the cards are identical from one denomination to another. For example, the flip side of an ace looks the same as a two.

Of course, these differences are extremely difficult to notice during the game. You may even need to rotate the cards to see bumps better.

Some casino whales have enough power to convince the casino and the dealer to swap cards for them. They may claim that they are extremely superstitious and can only play well when the cards are changed in a certain way.

Of course, hand-dealt play tends to disorient these rotations and make it difficult to spot flaws in the back of the cards. Thus, edge sorters only target auto-shuffle games. The automatic shuffler does not disorient cards after they have been rotated.

In addition, edge sorters need to know which decks are defective and how. By examining the official decks used in different casinos, they can discover disadvantages and take advantage of the respective casino.


Phil Ivey did his best to beat the Borgata and Crockfords casinos in 2012. He and his accomplice, Chung Yin “Kelly” Sun, won $ 21.6 million at these casinos.

Ivy reached out to both gambling establishments with special requests, including the following:

Dealer speaking Chinese (Mandarin)
Some maps are rotated 180 degrees for superstitious reasons.
Purple deck designed by Gemaco
Sun wanted to give the dealer instructions that the casino staff could not understand. That’s why she wanted a Mandarin-speaking stickman.

The cards were swapped so that Ivy and Sun had a better chance of seeing irregularities on the backs of the cards. Sun studied the purple Gemaco deck and knew exactly where the flaws were.

All these requests were made under the guise of superstition. However, in reality, they were just a means to give Ivy a greater advantage.

He and Sun used these special privileges to win $ 12 million at Crockfords and another $ 9.6 million at the Borgata Hotel and Casino. Ultimately, however, they were unable to keep the money.

Crockfords withheld Ivey’s $ 12 million win on the pretext that they would pay him after the weekend. But the famous London casino never paid out.

The professional poker player and gambler have sued Crockfords to get their money. However, the London High Court upheld the house.

Seeing the outcome of this case, Borgata sued Ivey in New Jersey to return him $ 10.1 million, of which $ 500,000 came to the dice tables following his baccarat victory. Borgata was also successful in her business and has been receiving payments from Ivy ever since.

As you can see, this baccarat team did not ultimately succeed due to lawsuits. However, they were able to make more money from sorting the edges than anyone in history.


Ivey’s reputation as a high roller gives the impression that only the rich and the elite can take advantage of this lucrative game. However, the truth is that players from all walks of life can be good at corners.

First, there are many decks that can be used. Quite a few official casino decks have irregularities on the backs of the cards.

You can examine the cards of a particular casino to try to spot flaws. You then use this information when you play at their tables.

Baccarat is not the only game that can be sorted by edges. Other board games are also vulnerable to this head-start strategy.

The only requirement is to choose a game that has hole cards. For example, Caribbean Stud, Let It Ride, Three Card Poker, and Ultimate Texas Hold’em all use hole cards.

You do not need to know the meaning of the dealer’s hole cards. Instead, it is assumed that this information will remain incomplete and help the house win.