How to choose a match to bet

To begin with, we must collect empty logical and reasonable facts, choose the right facts and get rid of unnecessary ones. We will draw conclusions based on these facts, which will become the results of our analysis. It is a very common mistake when an idea appears and you try to confirm it with an analysis. You must first conduct a dry analysis and draw certain conclusions on its basis. There is no need to validate the idea, you need to pull it out of the analysis on the basis of facts, and this should be done without emotion.

Not all matches are worth analyzing. Before doing the analysis, you need to choose the matches. The match should be worth analyzing. The easiest way to find the right match is to find the big difference. Let’s say one team is in good shape, while the other has financial difficulties. Such a match is already worthy of attention. You should not take matches of teams that are equal to each other, for example, Barcelona – Real or Zenit – CSKA. Also, you should not take the matches of outsiders, there are a lot of factors that are similar in teams (bad form, staffing problems, financial problems, and so on). We need a big difference.

What is called the “big difference”? The simplest thing is the odds, a big difference in odds is already an indicator of a big difference. The most interesting range of coefficients for us – 1.5 – 2.0 – the probability of the event is high and at the same time you can make good money on it. It doesn’t have to be 1.1 odds, you need to bet $ 100 to earn $ 110 or 5 odds to immediately hit the jackpot and still enjoy this week, 1.5 – 2.0 is the most interesting range for us. There is a tendency that the hosts, on which the coefficient is from 1.5 to 2.0, in 70% of cases confirm their coefficient. We pay special attention to these things, it is not necessary to look at the outcomes, you can take totals, handicaps and other quotes.

The second way to find a match is to view statistics, look at the form, the standings and thereby determine the match that is suitable for analysis.

Finally, the third way is to look at the difference in the compositions. Perhaps some team has big problems in terms of personnel, this is also worth paying attention to. It is worth being very careful, after these three steps it is very easy to start proving an idea, which, as I said above, cannot be done.

After we have chosen a match, we forget about everything that was noticed by us earlier and just start doing the analysis. A big difference, a difference in odds, a difference in statistics, a difference in lineups, this is quite enough to determine the match we need. If there is no difference, then it is better to bypass this match.

Do not forget that our football predictions will help you make the right choice when choosing a bet.

What teams cannot be bet on? You can bet on anything if we don’t care about making money. If not, then you do not need to bet on those teams for which statistics cannot be found. In this case, we lose all additional factors, it is very dangerous, this is a “pig in a poke”, on a long distance it will be a minus. In principle, you cannot bet on some commands:

1) Women’s teams – maybe a bad mood, menstruation, forgot to feed the cat, the guy threw it. You can’t make money on them. They play however they want.

2) You can’t put guys on youth teams either. They train personnel for the first teams.

3) You cannot bet on doubles of teams. For example, Zenit – 2, Spartak – 2, they have no motivation, they cannot go to the Premier League.

4) In Asian leagues, teams of small countries also cannot be bet. There is no information on them.

5) Teams from the CIS. They are very fond of fixed matches. Unfortunately, you can’t bet on the Premier League and the Premier League either.

6) Teams whose analysis was incomplete. You just can’t.

7) Turkish League. Only Galatasaray and Fenerbahce win there, chaos is going on there.

8) League of France. You shouldn’t bet on the outcomes, a very unpredictable league, a lot of accidents, a very difficult one. In betting, this league does not bring money.

An important element is statistics, with which you need to start your analysis. We look at the standings, home games, away games, statistics of goals scored and conceded, personal meetings. There are no identical matches, they are very interesting things, for example, teams have exchanged home or away victories in recent years, you can determine any patterns. At the end of the championship, tournament motivation can be especially clearly revealed.

Naked statistics alone do not give us a complete analysis.

We look at the following parameters:

1) Tournament table. We look at the situation.

2) Personal meetings. Trends are taking place.

3) Games at home and away.

4) Team uniform, last 5-7 matches. We analyze, take into account, delve into.

5) Statistics of goals, cards, etc.

6) We consider in detail the last matches, maybe the team scores from 76 to 90 minutes or vice versa from 1 to 15, we identify patterns, search, take into account, compare, analyze.

We use simple categories: better – worse.