7 Healthy Snacks All Peanut Butter Fans Will Love

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Love snacks? Love peanut butter? Yeah, us too. So say hi to your favourite healthy treat, seven different ways.

1. Moonbean Peanut Butter Chip Cookie Bites


These peanutty cookies are packed with real, raw, good-for-you ingredients like honey and cacao. Best part? You can feel saintly because no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives are added to the mix. R59.90 at .

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2. Eat Naked Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups


How delish do these look? Think: A swirl of peanut butter, sweetened with a smidge of raw honey, encased in a cup of 72 percent dark chocolate. Drooling. R25 at Faithful To Nature.

3. Oh Mega Smooth Peanut Butter


Protein-packed power snacks just got really convenient. Keep these cute sachets in your bag or desk drawer for emergency cravings that only a real nut butter can satisfy. R7 at Faithful To Nature.

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4. Nakd Peanut Butter Delight


Looking for a guilt-free snack? These bars are made with real chunky peanut pieces, combined with the sweet softness of raw dates. Zero artificial colours and flavours, preservatives or added sugars. Nice. R22 at .

5. Rude Health The Peanut


Caution: Contains deliciousness! And it’ll give your body a boost. This power-packed, gluten-free snack has a satisfying, sweet-but-salty peanut butter flavour, and a fudgy texture with a hint of crunch. R25 at Faithful To Nature.

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6. Trail Nuggets Cocoa Apocalypse


This energy-boosting raw vegan snack is made with a date base, infused with dark cocoa and a natural peanut butter filling. High in vegan protein, antioxidants and magnesium, it’s a guilt-free winner hands-down. R39 at Faithful To Nature.

7. Alive Again Peanut Butter Date Bar


This peanut butter date bar is the perfect antidote to the dreaded afternoon slump. Handcrafted from a simple list of ingredients, this snack is raw and vegan, free from added sugar, dairy, preservatives and gluten. R16 at Faithful To Nature.

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