How To Speed Up Your Metabolism And Burn More Calories With Yoga

Looking to get stronger and leaner in 2018? Here's why you should seriously consider yoga...

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Looking to get stronger and leaner in 2018? Here’s why you should seriously consider yoga…

At the start of every year the gyms are full of people cramming in the cardio to make good on their New Year’s slim-down, tone-up resolutions. But not all of us are fans of the treadmill, why not a workout that is more focused, exciting and motivating. Does this sound more like you?

Then you might want to consider another route to the body you’ve always wanted. One that involves a workout that you enjoy and can build into your training routine.

Yoga is not only an art but a culture, bringing together mind, body and soul. The benefits stretch beyond flexibility and stress management – yup, yoga also improves body awareness and brings with it a bunch of other major physical bonuses.

With this form of exercise, you can achieve your weight-loss and fitness goals. Plus: you’ll love the extra body benefits that come with it. Here’s the low-down…

Why you really should add yoga to your 2018 routine

Not only do Planet Fitness have one-hour yoga sessions in most clubs but also heated studios for Bikram or Hot Flow yoga to incorporate heat and humidity into the session. Why is this so important? The heat warms and stretches muscles, increasing blood flow and metabolism, which means you burn more calories! Weight-loss goal – tick.

Over and above the slimming and strengthening effects, infrared therapeutic heat at Planet Fitness hot studios helps increase circulation and is great for detoxification and pain relief.

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