These Diet And Fitness Hacks Keep Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters In Shape

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Newly-crowned Miss Universe Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters has a crazy-busy schedule that leaves no room for routine. Here are the hacks she uses to stay in shape.

In the early hours of this morning Miss South Africa  became the second South African to be crowned Miss Universe. As Miss South Africa, Demi-Leigh already had a hectic schedule, packed with appearances, charity work and other responsibilities. And as Miss Universe, those commitments are going to increase tenfold!

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Demi-Leigh has always been a sporty girl. At school she played hockey and ran short and long distance. “Fitness is in my blood, I love keeping fit and healthy. It’s ‘me’ time,” she told us at a event in Sandton just days before jetting off to Vegas for the Miss Universe pageant. But when you’re always on the go, that doesn’t leave much time for a gym routine. Here are the sneaky fitness and diet hacks she uses instead…

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1.  Prep is everything.

“When Miss South Africa happened, I had to adapt quite a bit and what I learnt was to prepare,” says Demi-Lee. On a Sunday she preps her meals for the coming week and freezes them. That way, she has a healthy meal ready to defrost and there’s no temptation  to swing by the drive-through. “Don’t cook your veggies fully,” she advises. “That way when you reheat them in the microwave they won’t go soggy.”

These hacks keep Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters in shape

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2. Eat before you go out.

When your job is to attend events, there’s a kaleidoscope of cheat meals just waiting for your willpower to falter. And Demi-Leigh’s sweet-tooth doesn’t exactly make things easy. “Before I go to events, I always eat. I don’t fall for the cupcake temptations,” she says.

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3. Get a workout to go.

“I’m in hotels basically all the time, I live out of a bag,” says Demi-Lee. “So my trainer designed a hotel room workout for me.” When she doesn’t have access to a gym or equipment, she uses this body-weight routine as her go-to workout. Push-ups don’t require equipment and a hotel bed is the perfect height for triceps dips! “Or run the stairs,” says Demi-Leigh. “Do whatever you can. You can always make a plan.” She even confesses to doing squats while brushing her teeth!

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