Your Easy Triathlon Training Plan And Tips To Crush It In Just 12 Weeks

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You have SO got this!

Shed kilos and get seriously fit with our 12-week training guide that will get you to your first triathlon!



TUESDAY: Run 20 minutes

WEDNESDAY: Ride 30 minutes easy or spin class


FRIDAY: Run 20 minutes easy

SATURDAY: Swim 10 to 16 x 25m easy, rest 20 seconds

SUNDAY:  Ride 30 to 40 minutes easy or spin class



TUESDAY: *Run 3 to 4 two-minute intervals

WEDNESDAY: Ride 50 to 60 minutes easy or spin class

THURSDAY: Swim  8 to 10 x 75m easy, rest 15 seconds

FRIDAY: Run 35 to 40 minutes easy

SATURDAY: Swim 8 to 10 x 75m easy, rest 15 seconds

SUNDAY:  Brick session (definition below) – ride 30 minutes steady run 20 to 30 mins easy



TUESDAY: Run 6 to 8 two-minute intervals

WEDNESDAY: Ride 60 to 70 minutes easy

THURSDAY: Swim 800m easy

FRIDAY: Run 40 minutes easy

SATURDAY: Swim 800m easy

SUNDAY: Brick – ride 50 minutes steady to run 25 to 30 minutes easy

Whats a Brick Session? 

Your Building Bricks Back-to-back bike-run training workouts (aka “bricks”) are essential – they’ll teach you to run on legs that feel like jelly after hopping off the bike. Starting in the second month of training, do a bike-run brick every weekend. Figuring out that it takes about 10 minutes for you to get past the running through-mud feeling will mentally prepare you for race day – you’ll know you can push through and finish strong.

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