Could Body Smoothies Be The New ‘It’ Beauty Trend?

Skin health from the outside, in.

Created by Karomaza for Johnson's |

It’s no secret that what you put inside your body is just as important as what you put on your skin. But as our mornings get warmer, moisturising gets even more vital, right? It’s nearly time to start showing off your skin again and dry, flaky winter skin with a cropped tee is certainly not a cute combination…

This is where Johnson’s new Vita-Rich Smoothies range comes in. Just as so many of us choose to drink a smoothie in the morning, firstly because of their health benefits and secondly because they’re a delicious timesaver, this range has been designed to give your skin the daily nutrition that it needs. Formulated with naturally-derived ingredients, these body smoothies help to provide long-lasting nourishment (we’re talking up to 48 hours of moisture!) and comfort for your skin, to help keep it healthy, soft and beautifully vibrant with minimum fuss. Your senses will be delighted with the deliciously scented formula, while your skin feels silky soft! Bonus: Complete with yoghurt concentrate to allow for quick, gentle and effective application.

Choose between:

Comforting Range

with Yogurt, Honey and Oats to help keep dry skin comfortable. Available in a Body Wash, Body Lotion and Body Cream.


Johnson’s Comforting Body Cream, R39,95 and Body Lotion, both R42,95 and Johnson’s Comforting Body Wash, R32,95, available at retailers nationwide.

Indulging Range

with Yogurt, Peach and Coconut for a sensorial, nourishing experience. Available in a Body Wash and Body Lotion.


Johnson’s Indulging Body Wash, R32,95 and Johnson’s Indulging Body Lotion, R42,95, available at retailers nationwide.

There you have it – this winter’s solution to healthy, glowing skin (even if you are the only one seeing it!).

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