Anna Victoria Shares The Honest Truth About ‘Cheat Days’—And It’s Not What You’d Think

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By Nina Bahadur

Her photos are refreshingly real.

Public service announcement: One cheat meal or cheat day won’t sabotage your progress if your ultimate goal is getting fit. In a super-honest Instagram post, fitness blogger Anna Victoria showed what she looks like before, after, and the morning after eating a cheat meal—and explained why she loved every second of her treat-filled day.

“I took the first photo before our day at Disneyland,” she writes in the caption. “As I mentioned in my prior post, we thoroughly enjoyed ourself and had all sorts of goodies like churros, caramel apples, ice cream, bread bowls and more. I was super bloated when I got home, but I just drank a ton of water and got some protein in before I went to bed. And guess what? I woke up this morning looking the EXACT same pre-cheat meal/cheat day. One unhealthy meal or day will not ruin your progress just like one good meal won’t make you lose weight.”

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Anna Victoria also stressed how important it is not to let one indulgence derail you completely from your normal healthy eating habits. She encouraged her followers not to feel guilty or discouraged after enjoying some treats, or think that they have “ruined” weeks of hard work.

“You can go out and enjoy a meal with friends and family without letting it ruin you emotionally,” she wrote. “We have to understand that food serves a purpose: to fuel and nourish our bodies.”

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The blogger is also a huge advocate for body positivity. When she posed nude for the US Women’s Health “Naked” issue, she said: “We get hung up on how our body looks physically, and it blocks us from loving ourselves emotionally. We need to accept that our differences and imperfections are part of being human and that they’re nothing to be ashamed of.”

Anna has used other Instagram posts to talk about “perfection” and why it’s totally unattainable. She often posts side-by-side images of two-second “transformations,” showing that even as a trainer, she still gets bloat and belly rolls. Cheers to this strong woman for encouraging others to love themselves, work hard—and enjoy a few treats along the way.

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