Hate Your Guy’s Signature Sex Move? Here’s How To Tell Him

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We asked three dudes for advice on how to break the news.

Each month, we get real talk on relationship problems from three of the gents who put the “men” in Men’s Health. This month, we asked: “I never told my boyfriend that I’m meh on one thing he does in bed, and it became part of his repertoire of moves. How do I tell him now, a year later?”

A year?! You’re a trooper. But really, it just shows you care about his feelings. The next time he goes in for his signature move, rather than telling him you don’t like it, guide him toward something you’d “like even more.” He’ll remember.

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Paul Kita, MH senior editor: Speak Up 

Whenever he’s about to do The Thing, gently guide his hands/hips/feather boa into a position that you feel more excited about. If he’s still not getting it, say what isn’t working—and suggest something that will.

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Michael Sneeden, MH senior video producer: Be Positive 

Instead of saying what you are so-so on, tell him what you love. Maybe introduce another move or two. Men appreciate when women take charge in the bedroom, so don’t be afraid to put his body where you want it.

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