5 Nutritious Lamb Dishes to Help You Survive Comfort Food Season

Hell hath no fury like a woman craving comfort food in the winter!

Ilse van der Merwe and Marina Bester for Lamb and Mutton SA |

Why is it that we are our own worst enemy when it comes to a healthy eating regime during the colder months of the year? Some sources call it a neurochemical phenomenon due to less exposure to sunlight and consequently decreased vitamin D levels that make you want to eat more in order to pick up your mood. So basically, the cold, muggy weather is setting us up to fail. Know the feeling? Fear no more, The Food Fox to the rescue with lamb dishes that will satisfy your cravings for homemade, wholesome food without wreaking havoc on your healthy lifestyle!

Easy Spicy Lamb And Chickpea Stew

Perfect for your meal prep regime! Naturally gluten-free and no need to serve it with any starch, the fibre-packed chickpeas together with nutrient-dense lamb will keep you fuller for longer. Full recipe

Lamb Steak Salad With Figs, Rocket And Grilled Courgettes With Yoghurt Dill Dressing

Enjoying a good lamb steak doesn’t have to include potato chips and heavy sauces. Make the most of fig season with this amazing combination of nutritious ingredients. Get the full recipe

Tabbouleh Bowl With Shredded Lamb

Have you ever seen leftovers look this good? With little effort, last night’s lean leg of lamb can be transformed into this protein- and fibre-packed lunch! Get the full recipe

Lamb Ramen With Star Anise, Ginger And Chilli

This light soup will just warm you up from the inside and the light ramen will fill you up and treat your taste buds to layers of deep exotic flavours. Get the full recipe

Italian-Style White Bean Soup With Lamb Knuckle

Feeling a bit under the weather? This is exactly what you need! These smooth white haricot beans go perfectly with some fragrant lean lamb knuckles and don’t fall apart and get mushy like cannellini beans. Get the full recipe

Recipes by The Food Fox. For more information on the nutritional content of South African Lamb and Mutton as well as some more recipes visit and @cooking_with_lamb on Instagram.

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