4 Cringey Things You Should Never EVER Do At The Office Party

Know anyone who's done this? Shame...

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Know anyone who’s done this? Shame…

Aaaaah, yes, the end-of-year office party: fertile reputation-breaking ground. And those stories don’t go away — in fact, they’ll be revisited at every subsequent staff party spanning all the years of your career.

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So, especially for you, we rounded up a “Do Not Under Any Circumstances Do This list” ( a few survival hacks) to ensure you don’t end up red-faced this year.

Don’t Party Too Hard

Downing the free booze like it’s nobody’s business may seen like a great idea… but pause. By doing so, you stand a very good chance of saying or doing something you shouldn’t — meaning you might have to dance to the consequences of that music the next day, sober and alone. From YOLO (you only live once) to YOYO (you on your own) — don’t play yourself like that fam.

Don’t Jump Your Crush

Jolly vibes make everyone feel comfortable… so comfortable, in fact, that they think they’re invincible. This is an illusion — don’t become a victim. Office parties are no place to tell Fit Guy From Finance what you’d like to do to him behind closed doors. You are risking being rejected and humiliated. You don’t want to live a life of regret. Please, abstain, abort and stop it.

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Having office buddies is LIFE. You tend to be happier and more productive. But just because you’ve already got a tight posse doesn’t mean there isn’t room for new friends. The office party is a great opportunity to talk to people you don’t get the chance to hang with on a normal work day.

Don’t Talk About Work

Work talk is out of bounds. This is a party, after all. Leave your professional baggage at the gate, walk in and have an insanely good time.

Don’t Overindulge

The holidays can be very tempting. We’re talking straight-up “into your mouth, down your throat, into your stomach” kinda tempting. This is a trap! Eat, but don’t stuff your face. You don’t want to pick up unwanted kilos or have people stare.

Have A Blast

Allow yourself to have fun, man… It’s been a long year and you deserve a break on your boss’s credit card!

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