This Fitness Trainer’s Deleted Cellulite Photo Is Body Positive Goals

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By Megan Flemmit, photography courtesy of Instagram

“Why are people so threatened by a woman unafraid of showing her body and speaking her mind?”

Nearly 90% of adult women have cellulite at some point in their lives. Even women who are thin and fit can have cellulite. Yet despite how normal having cellulite is, women are still shamed when they share pictures of themselves in which their cellulite is visible.

Certified fitness trainer and nutritionist, Mallory King is one such woman. She recently posted a photo of herself in her underwear on Instagram, which a random guy then felt the need to criticise. She then clapped back by posting a similar picture showing the middle finger.

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“For that guy who made a negative comment about my cellulite yesterday,” she wrote, “there are so many worse things in life than cellulite, like your shitty attitude. Let people do whatever the fuck they want and look however they please and post whatever makes them happy. Find a hobby and worry about ya damn self.”

The post was deleted from Instagram for not meeting its community guidelines, but luckily captured the post.

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King then posted another photo addressing Instagram’s decision to delete her post. “It’s either people feel threatened by my fierceness or people are so brainwashed by media that a perfect pair of tits or butt is fine to flash but a body that’s outside of the norm is offensive,” she wrote. “Fuck that. Y’all can report my photos as much as you want, I’m gonna keep sharing them because the world needs more women unashamed of their bodies and unafraid to share their voice.”

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King joins countless other women making a stand about self-acceptance and body positivity on Instagram. Body positive blogger, Gabi Gregg, also known as GabiFresh, shared this empowering video to remind us that we shouldn’t be ashamed of our cellulite.

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In a world constantly shaming us for the way we look, King’s commitment to being unashamed of her cellulite is damn empowering.

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