These 3 Pairs Of Running Shoes Are Totally Worth The Investment

They'll change your life.

Wanita Nicol and Robin-Jade Carolus |

The one piece of gear you shouldn’t skimp on. Investing in a good pair will help you avoid injury, run more comfortably and even improve your performance.

First-time buyer?

Get your feet assessed (free at most running-shoe stores) to find out what kind of shoe is best for your needs. If your foot collapses inwards, you’ll need arch support. Weak ankles? You want extra stability. You also need to tailor your choice of shoe to the kind of running you’re planning on doing.

SolarBoost running shoes, adidas

Always found adidas shoes too narrow? These are designed to fit wider feet. They’ll take you from parkrun to 10-kay with a spring in your step.

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HOVR Sleek running shoes, Under Armour

A great all-rounder – you can run a ten-kay in these, but they’re also flat and stable enough for gym. And they work well with jeans.

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Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35 running shoes, Zando

They’re light and super flexi in the front, making them great for sprinting short distances.

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Not ready to commit to running?

If you’re still deciding whether this sport is for you, do you really want to drop that kind of cash? We’re guessing the answer is a solid hell no. So when we came across the  from , a pair of affordable running shoes that come in at just under R400 (what-whaaat!?), we had to give them a go. And the results were surprisingly positive! They’re a great entry-level way to test out whether the sport is for you. Check out our review here.

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