EXACTLY How To Stretch Before Your Run

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To prevent injury, a proper stretch is super important!

If you’re running a race, you don’t want any injuries getting in the way of your fun — or PB! Adopt this stretch routine before you lace up…

First off, anyone can smash 10km with the right training (download this free training plan). Want to know where you stand on the endurance scale? Take our 5-minute endurance test, then get tips on how to boost your run.

Now, over to how to stretch before you hit the road. Make sure you’re a little warm before you start stretching  jog down the stairs or to the start of your run and then do these stretches. They won’t take long – and you’ll be so glad you did. Goodbye injury and hello PB!

Note: Don’t overstretch as that may also cause injury!

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Stretch These

— Calves
— Achilles
— Hamstrings
— Glutes
— Hip Flexors
— Groin
— Inner thighs
— Quadriceps
— Lower back
— Chest
— Triceps

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How to Stretch Before Your Run



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How to stretch covered! Now you need to focus on what to put inside your body in the lead up to, and on, race day — these are the five best foods to fuel your run. 

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