The Blush Trick That Can Help You Look WAY Less Tired

And it's ridiculously simple...

Gotlhokwang Angoma-Mzini |

Feeling tired? And looking it? Well, get this – a study buy the Department of Psychology at Stockholm University found that sleep-deprived faces look sadder than well-rested ones. Okay, that’s pretty obvious. But what you didn’t know is that it’s apparently all down to the fact that your peepers droop more when sleep-starved.

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Besides a cup of coffee, here’s a smart beauty tip to fake looking wide awake. Blushers with shimmer increase eye puffiness. Use a matte blusher instead. Apply to the sides of your face. If you apply under the eyes, it makes dark circles look bigger. Here are the top blushes to try right now.

M.A.C Cosmetics Powder Blush (R330)

This the real deal – bold and gorgeous for summer. One swipe gives medium-to-dark skin tones all the warmth and glow they need. Available at .

Maybelline Master Blush (R105)

This won’t fade. In fact, it will give you the natural flush you’ve been looking for. You know… the just been to gym glow, sans sweat. Available at

GOSH Blusher (R187)

This one has a surprisingly light texture, but the micro-fine powder particles provide amazing saturated colours. It’s flawless on application. Available at .

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L.O.V Heartful Healthy Glow Blush (R150)

Looking for a healthy glow? This will give it to you! Available at

NYX Professional Makeup (R120)

Think silky sheen, minus that shimmer you want to avoid. Made extra lightweight for no-mess, no-fuss blending. Bonus: Contains no parabens. Available at .

Palladio Matte Blush (R100)

We love this one because it glides on easily and evenly, creating a beautiful matte finish. It’s silky smooth with a rich colour pay-off. Available at .

Essence My Must Haves Matt Blush (R35)

Oooh, all the colour you want in a blendable, matt finish. We love. Available at .

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